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With a network of 49 accredited asbestos testing labs across the US and Canada, EMSL provides accessible, efficient, and swift testing services for suspected asbestos materials. Locate your nearest laboratory by clicking on the map provided above. We offer the convenience of either mailing your samples to us or directly dropping them off at any of these locations. Opting for the latter ensures the fastest turnaround, enabling same-day processing without the need for test kit requests or mailing delays.

Have you found materials in your home that you suspect might contain asbestos? If so, trust EMSL for precise testing and reassurance.

Asbestos, a material once commonly used in construction, paper products, plastics, and more, is now responsible for thousands of American deaths annually due to related diseases. Exposure often occurs indoors, where it may be unknowingly released from everyday materials. The long-term health impacts, particularly on the lungs, are a significant cause for concern. Chronic inhalation exposure can result in severe respiratory diseases such as asbestosis, characterized by shortness of breath and coughing.

Moreover, asbestos exposure can raise the risk of cancer. Inhalation can lead to lung cancer and mesothelioma, and there’s potential association with gastrointestinal cancers.

The EPA categorizes asbestos as Group A, a known human carcinogen. Its presence can only be confirmed with a specific type of microscope, emphasizing the significance of professional testing. EMSL’s accredited asbestos testing labs provide definitive and reliable analysis. Count on us to safeguard your well-being.

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Have You Already Collected a Sample and Ready to Submit for Testing? Don't Need a Test Kit?

If you’ve already collected a material sample and don’t need an Asbestos Test Kit, you can choose from our two submission options: mailing your sample or dropping it off at a local lab. Our EPA-approved, NVLAP-accredited asbestos testing lab is prepared to analyze your suspected asbestos-containing material.

How to Submit Your Sample:
Follow the EPA sampling guide instructions and download a sample submission form.

Next, select your preferred turnaround [TAT] time for your results.

Finally, either mail your sample(s) along with payment to the laboratory or drop them off at one of our 49 local labs throughout the US and Canada for quickest processing.

Submitting Your Sample Via Local Lab Drop-off:
You have the option to drop off your samples at one of our local labs spread across the US and Canada. This method ensures a faster turnaround with same-day processing.

Mailing Your Sample(s) To Us:
Please choose from one of the two forms below based on your geographic location. Be sure to include the $95 lab processing fee with your mailed sample.

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